Tomb of Shah Baharo, Larkana


GPS Coordinates:
27°33’31.34″ N 68°13’25.30″ E

Project Duration:
July 2015 to January 2019

The leader of the Kalhora Tribe was Shah Baharo. He was a strong, courageous, and intellectual individual who was capable of controlling the entire area falling under his rule. Shah Baharo was born at the time Mian Nasir Muhammad Kalhoro was in power. At the age of 58, the first fight was waged against the Daudpotta tribe. Every war that Shah Baharo participated in resulted in victory (84 victories) including triumphs in short military engagements with various tribes. He had ten thousand soldiers under his command as Chief Minister of Mian Noor Muhammad Kalhoro who died in 1736 (1150 H).