Ranikot Fort (Distt. Jamshoro)

Location: District Jamshoro
GPS Coordinates: 25°53’49.04”N, 67°54’6.24”E
Project Duration: 2014 (Ongoing)
Brief: Ranikot, known as the ‘Great Wall of Sindh’ and believed to be one of the world’s largest fort enclosures located about 30 km towards south-west of Sann (Jamshoro – Sehwan Road). It is situated on the luky hills of the Khirthar mountain range. Its elevation, varies from 500 to 1500 feet. Its periphery is roughly 32.115 km and the robust walls are built at vulnerable places to encircle the Ranikot valley into a large fortified area. Total length of manmade walls is about 7.25 km and were originally constructed with stone and lime. The fort has five entrances, namely San Gate in its eastern wall, Amri in the north, Mohan Gate in the western wall, Shahper in the southern wall and Tori Dhoro in the southeast. Within Ranikot, there are two more fortresses Mirikot and Shergarh, each have five bastions. Mirikot is a small fortress, it has a curved and angulated entrance with a safe tortuous path. From a strategic point of view, Mirikot is located at a very safe and central place and in the very heart of Ranikot complete with residential structures. The second fort called Shergarh is perched atop a larger hill like a giant eagle’s nest overlooking a much larger area. This whole ensemble forms the entirety of the fort. The giganic task under taken by Endowment Fund Trust is almost complete.

Ranikot Fort Before photograph Ranikot Fort After Photograph