Mir Karam Ali Khan Talpur Tomb Complex, Hyderabad


GPS Coordinates:
25.405180° N 68.365611° E

Project Duration:
Phase (1) 2011 To 2016 and Phase (2) 2022 (Ongoing)

The Talpurs ruled over Sindh for 60 years from 1783 to 1843 A.D. Mir Fateh Ali Khan Talpur, the founder of the dynasty adopted a novel system of power sharing. He divided Sindh into three regions, Hyderabad Khairpur and Mirpur Khas, which were each ruled by a member of the family. Hyderabad was ruled by Mir Fateh Ali Khan along with his brothers, Mir Ghulam Ali Khan, Mir Karam Ali and Mir Murad Ali Khan. They became the ‘Chaar Yaar’ (four friends or companions) and the government was called as Chauyari.

The tombs of Hyderabad Talpurs are located at Hirabad, Hyderabad and Khudabad (Dadu).

Mir Karam Ali Talpur before photo Mir Karam Ali Talpur After photo