Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, Hyderabad


GPS Coordinates:
25° 24′ 50.89″ N 68° 21′ 46.70″ E

Project Duration:
June 2015 to November 2021

In Hyderabad, Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, the ruler of Sindh (1701-1783 A.D.) is interred in a magnificent mausoleum that is situated at the fort’s heart. From 1757 till his death in 1772 A.D., Miyan Ghulam Shah Kalhoro was one of Sindh’s most capable rulers and had a real passion about building construction, besides founding new cities. He built forts, mosques, and tombs. In 1768 A.D./1182 A.H., he established Hyderabad (Nerun Kot) as its capital. In 1772 (1186 A.H.), Miyan Ghulam Shah’s tomb was built by his son Sarfraz Khan Kalhoro having square edifice that stands on a sizable platform.

Ghulam Shah Kalhoro Tomb, Hyderabad before Ghulam Shah Kalhoro Tomb, After