Dooleh Daryah Khan Otaaq, Manjhand

Gopang Railway Station, Deh Khasai, Taluka Manjhand, District Jamshoro (almost 40km from Jamshoro and one kilometre in east of Indus Highway)

GPS Coordinates:
25⁰ 47’ 58.54’’ N 68⁰ 16’ 57.38’’ E

Project Duration:
October 2019 to May 2021

The Samma Dynasty is thought by many historians to have built this edifice. Therefore, the building could have been built at any time between the 14th and the 16th century AD. So it is pre-colonial and post-Islamic in terms of architecture. The ruins are the subject of numerous theories: was it a temple, the mosque, a military base of some kind, or maybe a resting point for the medieval traveler. Up until now, historians and scholars have unanimously agreed that this ruin was the Otaaq (staying place) of Dooleh Daryah Khan, one of Sindh’s greatest strategists and a hero.

The edifice was consistently referred to as an Otaaq, according to Pir Ali Mohammad Rashdi’s book “Ohe Deehan Ohe Sheenh” and Dr. Nabi Bux Baloch’s book “Rehan Heeran Khaan”, both of which were the subject of Syed Hakim Ali Shah’s research. The building ended up being practically cubical and had a variety of domes covering its roof. However, further research is required as the discovery of a walled fort close by the structure supports the theory that it may have been used as a blockhouse or an outpost.

Dooleh Daryah Khan Otaaq, Manjhand Before photo Dooleh Daryah Khan Otaaq, Manjhand After photo