Dahlil Kot Fort

Location: Nawabshah (Benazirabad) | GPS Coordinates: 26.175727” N, 68.287112” E | Project Duration: Jan. 2023 (Ongoing)

Brief: Dahlil Kot is located about four kilometers from the town of Sakrand, on the main road connecting Sakrand and Nawabshah (Benazirabad). Dahlil Kot’s uniqueness owes to its construction in a perfect circle, with twelve bastions in its circumference. It can be inferred that the designers and the architects were well-acquainted with the principles of geometry and astrology. At present, there is a populous village, both inside and outside the precincts of the fort; which is detrimental to its integrity. The fortification wall is built of mud and mud core was originally covered, as evidence shows, with burnt bricks. It was strengthened by a horizontal timber framing which is now exposed due to weather effect. The parapet is crowned by merlons. The fort is a spectacle for it is an engineering marvel and a timeless masterpiece of the mud craftsmen (Oud). Initial work on its main entrance is being under taken by EFT.