Bouhle Chand Building Hyderchowk, Hyderabad

Hyder Chowk, Hyderabad

GPS Coordinates:
25°38’55.93″N 68°36’75.36″E

Project Duration:
October 2022 to April 2023

A private building from the British era that has been preserved in Hyderabad city. The first name of the building was Bouhle Chand Building. It is located at H. No. F/1170 Court Road, Hyder Chowk, Hyderabad. The building was built more than a century ago during British era and carries excellent craftsmanship offering colonial-style architectural elegance. The building is made of a peculiar combination of brickwork, stone masonry embellishing old balcony made of Burmese Teak wood. This is a two-story structure with the first floor being utilized as a residence and the ground floor is being converted by the owner into commercial shops.

Bouhle Chand Building Hyderchowk, Hyderabad Before Photo Bouhle Chand Building Hyderchowk, Hyderabad After Photo